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You're beautiful, intelligent, desirable... You're everything that a man wants in his life. But what you need right now, more than anything else, is a friend...

-Special Agent Dale Cooper

There's only one problem with you: You're perfect.

-Audrey Horne

On top is Audrey Horne, smoking into her locker at Twin Peaks High School from the pilot episode.

Below her is Dale Cooper, sipping coffee at the Great Northern in the second episode, just before Audrey struts into the room.

This shows both of them before they really began to get to know each other. Audrey as a rebellious kid, and Cooper as a man whose greatest joy is his morning cup of coffee.

For more info on Twin Peaks, visit the Twin Peaks FAQ, which is extremely helpful for those just entering the TP world.

Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne dance at the wedding of Dougie Milford.

Agent Cooper and Audrey Horne: A Match Made in Twin Peaks


He was a by-the-book, buttoned down, slightly uptight FBI agent whose best friend appeared to be a tape recorder. She was a mischevious, neglected, 18 year old high school student with few friends and a need for attention. Odd couple? You could say that. But there was enough chemistry between these two to ignite an explosion, and they were quite obviously more than a little attracted to each other.

From the minute they set eyes on each other, from across the dining room of her father's hotel, it was apparent that there was a phsyical attraction on both parts. Eventually, this became something more. Cooper recognized in her a girl who had never gotten attention from her father, and who wanted desparately to have a friend. He talked to her when no one else would, and treated her with a respect she'd probably never experienced, at least from a man. When they're together you feel a real connection.

He rescued her from near death at the hands of Jean Renault, a French Canadian drug dealer. Audrey had been kidnapped by the madam of One-Eyed Jack's, and was being held as bait. Cooper outsmarted the kidnappers and brought Audrey back. In return, Audrey later gave him the means to clear his name after bogus drug charges were levelled against him by that same French Canadian.

Eventually, Cooper told her he could not get involved with her because she was involved in a case he was working on, and the last woman he'd gotten involved with like that had been killed. She accepted this with grace, and warned him that when she got older, he'd better watch out.

After this, they were hardly even allowed to see each other anymore. My main complaint here is that, not only that they weren't allowed to have a romance, but that they weren't even allowed to see each other anymore.

Anyway... This is my little rant page. Just had to get this out for all the world to see. Anyone who's made it this far, congratulations.

For those of you who like to torture yourselves, I've written a much-expanded rant. Click over here to see it. Just remember, it's your choice to click. Be prepared... Ha ha.

Heh. Enjoy.

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Coop and Audrey just after Cooper has burst into the room at One-Eyed Jack's where her kidnappers had been keeping her.