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Welcome to University of Washington's own

Actually, it's just my little tribute to the best thing to be sent over the airwaves since the invention of the television. There'll be links to other sites further down (not too many, I haven't had the chance to go exploring beyond those) POINTLESS UPDATE!!!

I've also written a rather snippy summary of the relationship between Audrey Horne and Agent Dale Cooper, one of the more complicated relationships on a show that was full of them, which can be discovered if you click here. It's got two parts to it, so be prepared to either sit down for a while, or get up in the middle and get a sandwich.

I'm in the process of turning out a character description/cast list. I'd like to write up a comprehensive episode guide, too, but I may not have the time. Besides, the ones provided at the FAQ (links below) is pretty damn good. I just like to put my two cents in about just about everything. I'm also going to try to compile a list of quotes. There's just so many good ones!

I don't have a whole lot of spiffy pictures (haven't quite mastered the technology involved in scanning graphics), but there are lots of places you can find them. I'm going to work on getting some of my own, too, I've got some that I haven't seen out there yet. There'll be stuff added every so often.

Just a note about myself: I'm a University of Washington History Major, who spends far too much time writing about Twin Peaks, and not nearly enough trying to pass my science classes (only two more to go before I fulfill those damn requirements). I watched the entire first run of the series when it was originally broadcast. I've viewed it in full probably three times, and I've seen my favorite episodes upwards of ten or tweleve times each. I started watching when I was thirteen (I'm 20 now), and I've never ceased to be amazed by Twin Peaks. There's always something new, every time you watch it. Ohhh kaaaay... here's the page...

Mike Dunn's Black Lodge: This page puts all the others to shame. He's got everything here: Pictures, sounds, links (far more than I could compile). The only thing missing is Twin Peaks scripts, and he tells you where to get those.

Twin Peaks Online: The most updated version of the FAQ is here, as are a whole bunch of links and other goodies. Maintained by Jim Pellman.