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Greg Rucka's Atticus Kodiak Novels

Rucka's Kodiak novels are truly great works. As with any new author, there are some rough spots, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a truly gifted author with an ear for great dialogue and a realistic, tortured, and sometimes frustrating hero that you can really root for, especially when he's down. Rucka also writes comic books, specifically Detective Comics, and the two Whiteout series'. He's got his own web site, with interesting character profiles and book info. The following is a little primer on his books, and a pocket guide to his characters.

First, his books


Bodyguard Atticus Kodiak is introduced in a rather harrowing scene at an abortion clinc. He is hired by the clinic's head Dr. Felice Romero to protect her from the threats of a radical pro-life group headed by the charismatic Jonathan Crowell.



Shooting at Midnight

Critical Space


Atticus Kodiak
29 year old bodyguard. Kodiak was a member of the Executive Protection branch when he was in the army, and became bodyguard professionally when he got out of the army. He's had his apartment burned, his best friend blown up, his face scarred by a rifle butt, and his young ward's ear cut off. Not that he hasn't brought a certain share of misfortune upon himself. He's a very human character with a lot of very human doubts. Sometimes his doubts are so human they get on one's nerves.

Bridgett Logan
PI and all around tough chick. My favorite character hands down. A former heroin addict (although I suppose once a heroin addict, always a heroin addict), she's the extemely Irish daughter of an extremely Irish cop. She's oozing attitude, and is, in almost all things, extremely blunt.

Erika Wyatt
Atticus's 17 year old ward. A former devotee of the S&M scene in New York City, and the daughter of Col. Douglas Wyatt and Atticus's ex lover Diana Wyatt. When her parents died, Atticus became her guardian. She's had her ear sliced in half by a bunch of Rogue SAS agents.

Natalie Trent

Dale Matsui

Corry Herrera

Rubin Febres

Drama the Assassin