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Quote of the Week

Prof. Hubert Fransworth: Sweet Zombie Jesus!


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It's Willie!!!

Willie: D'ya have any grease Lunch Lady Doris???

Doris: Yes... yes, we do.

Willie: Then GREASE ME UP WOMAN!!!

Doris: Okey-dokey.

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Chief Wiggum Needs Some Help...

In the "ultra-classic" Simpsons episode, "Who Shot Mr. Burns, Pt. 2", Matt Groening and his crew, reinforced my already incredibly strong faith in The Simpsons, by making reference to my all-time favorite TV show, Twin Peaks.

As any good Peaks Fan knows, at the end of the second episode of Twin Peaks, Agent Dale Cooper had a very interesting dream, in which he sat in a Red Curtained room, watching a dancing dwarf, who spoke backwards, and offered him clues to solve the murder of Laura Palmer.

To end the Simpsons' season last year, the town mogul, C. Montgomery Burns, was shot by persons unknown. Everyone had a reason to want the old man dead (he was not above taking candy from a baby, or blocking out the sun over the whole town in order to give his nuclear power plant to monopoly on light and heat), and the next season began with the semi-incompetent Chief Clancy Wiggum attempting to solve the crime. With his limited cranial capacity, he was having a tough time doing it.

One day, he fell asleep after consuming a carton of warm cream. He had a dream, in which he sat in a red-curtained room, as a backwards-talking Lisa Simpson walks in and tries to give Wiggum a clue about looking at Burns' suit (holding a burning card, saying "This suit burns better"). Wiggum doesn't quite get it (Lisa eventually has to yell it at him), but the point is that the Simpsons' creators are brilliant at using pop culture references in a way that is absolutely hilarious to even non-fans of the show in question.

Anyway... There's my random thought of the week. And that cool picture!

Enjoy it, folks...

Here's a little shot of the Red Room from the original...

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